the new traditionalist

holly and Matt Sellers met in grad school in Charleston. After they married, Matt’s post graduate work took them to North Carolina for a...


Pop Rocks

Thinking outside the ring box offers couples sparkling options, both old and new.

Layers of Light

Today’s kitchens are expected to multitask, much like their...



B irds are awesome nest builders. If you’ve ever found...

To Birdscape Your Yard, Start Now

Birds don’t stay still, but they can be persuaded...

Turning a Yard into a Landscape

Style and substance can extend to the spaces outside...

Home & Garden Weddings

Mother Nature may not always play along, but planning for an outdoor wedding can reap stunning rewards.

Ashley & Brian Kenworthy

Bolt Farm Treehouse | Walhalla, SC

Jill & Charlie Timmons

Timmons Family Home | Greenville, SC


art deco dreams

By Chelsey Ashford I love to joke with my friends,...


Stories Worth Repeating

For the historian:     In 1927, Zora Neale Hurston (novelist...

Off the Shelf: A Complete Experience In a Few Lines

If you think you don’t like poetry, you need...

Open Table: An essay about unexpected gifts

She died just as I’d started to get to...