Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. —  Dame Edith Sitwell

Home is where most of us find ourselves these days. So, we have packed this issue with ideas to help you with the comfort, good food and warmth that Dame Edith highlights.

Many of us are taking great advantage of being at home to get some long overdue tasks accomplished. That led us to three homes that have undergone some transformation to help accommodate the needs that were deemed necessary while spending more quality time together.

Our cover-featured home, with vast city and mountain views, utilized a team of Greenville’s top talent in architecture, interior design and construction. The results are stunning.

Another home has undergone an update of the homeowner’s most utilized spaces while maintaining the charm of the original design that had been added by its previous owners. This home is filled with art and style and has some perfect spaces for welcoming family and friends.

While we are rapidly approaching the holiday season, you will find one of our homes, owned by a local artist, Jean Wilson Freeman, to be an inspiration of holiday magic. Her mother, Millie Wilson, is a locally beloved artist who for years has provided many families with custom, hand-painted wooden holiday ornaments (she was featured in our Fall-Winter 2009 issue). Jean’s home with its renovations is filled with nostalgic Christmas decor that has been collected for many years. You’ll love it!

In Periscope, you’ll view a house that is quite unlike any other house we have featured. Its story is just as interesting as its setting.

Somehow, wood seems to be an appropriate topic for the approaching winter season. Two articles, the Threshold opening article and the Nook article both deal with artistically creative uses for wood.

Doing a lot of cooking and eating? Then you’ll appreciate our articles on how to prepare a fabulous duck and pomegranate dinner and some fascinating information about a little citrus fruit known as a kumquat.

Of course, this isn’t all that you have to look forward to in this issue. Forge ahead and enjoy.


Happy Holidays everyone! Look for us again in March 2021.


Lynn Greenlaw



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