Brian and Ashley Kenworthy have an appreciation for simplicity as a couple. From Brian’s proposal, all the way through the planning and experience of their wedding day, they focused on being in the moment.

The proposal took place on Thanksgiving Day, as they were walking out the door to join Ashley’s family for dinner. Brian stopped Ashley, took all of the things she was carrying and put them on the table. He then got down on one knee and proposed. Ashley was thrilled and they were able to show up for dinner as a newly engaged couple.

When they began their search for a wedding location, the couple wanted a place that provided both an intimate experience and a unique setting.

Brian found the perfect spot to show Ashley: a treehouse in Walhalla. It was designed and built by Seth Bolt for his own wedding in 2015 and, as it turns out, Seth is a member of NEEDTOBREATHE, one of the couple’s favorite bands.

They quickly reached out to book what has turned into one of the most popular Airbnb locations in South Carolina and took the first date available. It would be a June wedding. The treehouse allows fifteen guests in addition to the couple, so it reinforced Ashley and Brian’s desire for a small celebration.

Everyone also appreciated the shelter it provided during a brief summer rain shower that delayed the ceremony a bit, which allowed the couple and their families time to enjoy the unique space. They married soon after underneath a tree on the property that featured a naturally-arched branch.

Brian’s favorite moment of the day was watching Ashley walk down the aisle. “It was a culmination of everything and the excitement surrounding it,” he says. During the ceremony the couple braided a cord of three strands while Frets & Bows played “In Christ Alone”.

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed dinner in the private dining room at The Lighthouse in Seneca. Ashley cherished how everyone was able to sit around one table and they were able to spend time with each of their guests.

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