Looking to change your door hardware and curious about which type of lock system to install? We’ve got some great answers from a local source. Whether your question is about existing door locks and how to coordinate them or you’re looking to go high tech, find out what our expert suggests as some good places to start your search.

Q: I want to replace my existing door hardware. How hard would this be and can I get all exterior locks keyed to match?

A: New door hardware can quickly change the look and feel of a home.
It isn’t a hard project at all. If you’re up to the challenge you can install
it yourself or hire the help of a professional, typically at a reasonable cost. Exterior door locks can easily be keyed to function with one master key; however, only some keyways are compatible when combining more than one manufacturer. For example, Schlage locks can be keyed to match Emtek, but cannot be matched to a Kwikset lock.

Q: What are some of the current trends in door hardware?

A: Modern is in and clean, consistent patterns seem to be leading the way (check out Emtek’s Contemporary Collection for a fantastic selection). On a more rustic build, such as a lake house or mountain cabin, the forged look is classic. Bravura by Delaney, Emtek Sandcast Series and Rocky Mountain Hardware all offer a great selection in the rustic, forged style. Antique brass and satin nickel are the trending colors.

Q: What is the latest on electronic locks and home automation?

A: This is probably the top question that I hear asked on a regular basis. “Smartlock” systems have come a long way in recent years. It is now not only possible to use a keypad lock system to access your home, but also to control the locks remotely via your phone or even tie in to your existing home automation system. My favorite product on the market is the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Century (BE469). It can be programmed to any digit user code and can be remotely controlled through a variety of home automation apps (and there is a backup key access for emergencies).

Our expert:

Matt Cason
Sales Representative
GBS Building Supply