An 800-square-foot cottage stood on the property in Highlands before The Carver Group helped to erect the glorious main house. Craig Carver took on the cottage as his own project, working outside of the architects and designers.

It was being used for storage. At some point pecan paneling was added, a low acoustical ceiling installed and a manufactured oak floor. From the oil stains on the floor, Carver believes it was most recently used as a workshop garage. But the fact remained, the structure was left over from earlier settlers. “I suggested we gut the thing and look at it from the bare bones,” he says.

When they uncovered the ceiling, a vaulted ceiling was discovered, and beautiful boards left for the roof decking. When they took the manufactured flooring up, original 12-14inch wide planks appeared.

Carver employed Jeremy Schrock to help with a particularly tricky task. Schrock added a box beam over a new structural ridge beam, tying it back to the original cottage beams making it look as authentic as possible. Both men are especially pleased with the result.

The cottage renovation took about eight months and now is used as a charming guest house.