Kitchens play catch up with technology, finishes and high functionality. For a kitchen update with impact, consider investing in a new faucet or  a fresh sink. Aimee Williams Garrett of Gateway  Supply Co. is our source for what’s new,  noteworthy and of elevated design.


Q: What’s new with sink design?

A: A style of kitchen sink that is taking off is the workstation. Workstation kitchen sinks are super functional, smart, and very stylish. They have multiple sizes to fit the homeowner’s needs and can range from a bar size kitchen sink up to over a 5ft kitchen sink. Most of the workstation kitchen sinks come with a cutting board that is custom to fit your personal sink along with a colander set. This makes cooking and entertaining easy and fun.Farmhouse kitchen sinks have been the hot trend for a while, and they are still the go-to style for most homeowners.


Q: What’s going on with kitchen faucet technology?

A: Voice-activated kitchen faucets. Yes, it is the new trend that has hit the market! The voice-activated kitchen faucet helps you do your everyday kitchen task hands free; washing your hands before ever touching the faucet is huge especially in today’s world. You can also have your kitchen faucet dispense on command and set to the temperature that you want all by voice activation.


Q: How do you choose between finishes for a new faucet?

A: Matte black is the favorite and has been for a while. With the rise in minimalistic approaches, interior designers have incorporated matte black faucets and accessories into the home. Gold is also still very popular, especially in the brushed gold option. Polished nickel has been a classic finish for years and has a very exquisite look with its muted metallic finish and it is timeless. This finish will outlast any trends. The newest finish that is trending is the black stainless finish. There are not many options in this finish; however, more manufactures have started offering it and you will see it more and more. The black stainless finish is very strong and gives your space a modern sturdy style.

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