What are your favorite memories of summer? After what we have been through so far this year, I would guess that we are all more than ready to make some seriously pleasant new memories. By the time you are reading this, I hope you have already added many of them to your list.

Summer is a time of brilliant color and the need to be outdoors soaking in what is best about the season. We have filled the pages of our summer issue with as much as we could assemble that might help to add to
a pleasurable experience!

The two featured homes are brimming with color, art, fabrics and treasures to inspire additions to your own decor. One has a distinctly French flair and the other a vibrant cottage feel. Much thanks to the homeowners for sharing them with us. And, there is sure to be pool envy after you’ve seen what is on display in our outdoor living feature. You’ll be tempted to dive into the pages.

Looking for some easy to accomplish road trips that will lead not only to interesting sites but also yummy bring-home items too? Check out our Detours and Pantry articles for jump-in-the-car destination ideas.

Try not to drool while reading On The Table which provides recipes for a fresh trout dinner. If you’re frustrated with having to look for a corkscrew to open wine, turn to a screw cap bottle to end the frustration. Our wine expert, Pete Martin, gives some perfect examples of what to select this summer in What to Drink Now.

You’ll be inspired by our Charleston-style garden in Periscope and find items to enhance your own garden in Style Spotter. Overall, we think you’ll be delighted with our take on summer goodness. Read on and enjoy!

A special thanks goes out to rising seventh grader Palmer Freeman for finding and submitting the quote at the top of the page. You’re on route to a successful literary career, Palmer.

Lynn Greenlaw


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