What does home mean to you? Everyone has their own definition and I can’t imagine that the variety of them is not vast. Englishman Sir Edward Coke said that a man’s home is his castle.

Maya Angelou said, “The ache for home lives in all of us.”

Jane Austen believed, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

It’s easy to agree with all of them, but we have found that folks around here love to make changes to their current home and add a retreat home to change up their living experience. Thus, the focus of this summer issue.

In one featured home, the owners did a larger than expected renovation of their home of eight years. With the help of a good team of professionals, it’s a stunner! Three new homes were built as retreats for homeowners who were looking for an extra place to call “home” in an environment that was totally different from their most-of-the-time dwelling.

Each one has a unique story and personifies the needs and personalities of the owners. They also highlight the outstanding abilities of the architects, builders and interior designers/decorators who
worked side by side with their clients to make their dreams a reality.

We’ve visited a very unique and trending way of living: a tiny home community. Included at this community is an inviting setting, a location that is central to both mountains and shores, and a creative touch to each home that dwells there. My photo on this page was taken in a charming garden beside one
of the homes at Creek Walk Tiny Homes.

Other articles will draw you in with suggestions for the summer season. Style Spotter highlights neutral items for your home that sing with summer vibes. Been looking for some decor ideas that will remind you of summer all year? Look to Treasure for a fresh idea. Been seeing electric bikes more frequently and wondering if you should try one? Check out our article Technofile to read all about them.

Of course, we have new ideas for food and beverage. And art to adorn your walls. Plus, excellent ideas to benefit your sleep through adding florals and with picking the right mattress.

There is more but I’ll leave them for you to find.

Enjoy a wonderful summer!