“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” —  William Morris

Who wouldn’t agree with an expert like William Morris? Morris was a British textile designer, artist, poet and novelist who was a fixture in the British Arts and Crafts Movement of the mid to late 1800s. His works are considered classics and many of his designs are still available today. Examples of his take on floral design can be seen in Off the Shelf on page 27.

Quoting Morris seemed to be perfect given the focus of this issue. It’s all about interior design and the people who have used their expertise and interests to shape their way of life. One family changed their entire concept of living to move from a gated community to a 4.5acre property, complete with animals. A mother collaborated with her decorator daughter to fill a sunlit cottage home with her favorite art pieces and pops of color. When a husband and wife returned to Greenville as empty nesters, they enlisted a duo, one an interior designer and the other an art consultant, who guided them toward just the kind of home that as they put it, “feels just like us.” Who could ask for more?

If Morris could visit the home of a Clemson professor in this issue, he would be impressed with the modern innovations that allow the owners to age in place. It’s a concept that would definitely have intrigued him.

You’ll find a whole section on the reemergence of florals in the home. Two very successful designers, whose own home is splashed with florals, guide us through the various patterns, wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings that will add pizzaz to your home.

Of course, we have some great non-decorating articles for you too. Yummy recipes and tasty drinks will be found in these pages. Also, a wedding that took place during the spring of last year when the couple chose not to wait for the pandemic to subside.

Explore the pages, soak up some great ideas for your home and most of all, enjoy spring.