/ story and photos by Lina LeGare

There’s one more way to supercharge your sleep, beyond white noise and closing screens 30 minutes prior to bed, and it might just be the most beautiful sleep hack yet: bedside blooms.

Flowers are no longer just for when company comes over; keep blooms and greenery in your bedroom for a more restful night. Lavender was widely known to promote relaxation much before the melatonin gummy found its way to the bedroom, but it’s just one of many plants that can promote sleep.

The benefits of a bedroom bouquet are as unique as the flowers included. Gardenia, with its intoxicating scent, has been shown to have similar effects to Valium. Eucalyptus can alleviate mental exhaustion and promote an environment of calm. Freesia, currently an en vogue perfume ingredient, promotes feelings of trust and relaxation. And while fresh blooms offer a milder scent, they also provide a subtle calming effect in the home. Lavender is by far the most popular fragrance for bed and bath but it’s most beneficial when used fresh, in an arrangement or as a potted plant.

Live plants add an element of Zen to any space you might put them in your home. The science behind why they are ideal for your sleeping environment is tied to oxygen levels and air quality. Consider Snake Plant, Peace Lily and Golden Pothos; they are work horses when it comes to indoor air quality and are relatively low maintenance. In fact, these three plants have been studied by NASA, proven to reduce indoor toxins and produce massive amounts of oxygen. Just be sure to keep your furry friends away, as they are unsafe for pets.

Bedroom Blooms



Select a container that complements your bedside table and sits well below a lampshade. Water-filled vessels can ring wood surfaces, so place a right-sized book under a vase.



Pick blooms and herbs for their scent. To amp their impact, assemble a compact bouquet chock-full of fragrant flowers and leaves. Replace water daily for a lasting arrangement.



Think monochromatic for the bedroom with an emphasis on the beauty of greenery, something not always considered. Strip all leaves below the waterline.