This season’s style spotter: Terry Gillespie of Hennessee Haven

Sometimes little more than a pedestal, these drink tables or drinking tables or martini tables, as they are sometimes called, can really amp the entertaining spaces in your home.

“Many customers are asking for small tables that can be tucked near a sofa and or chair,” says Terry Gillespie, designer and proprietor of Hennessee Haven and someone whose projects have graced the pages of atHome. She says these diminutive tabletops can be decorative accents for all occasions.

Drink tables can be just a few inches across, enough to hold a cocktail (or a cup of coffee or a single stem of wine) or can be a bit bigger, more like a smaller, taller side table. They represent the best of form and function, can lend some sculptural beauty to a tight space or make it feel larger simply from their scale.

They are versatile to boot but can have a tendency to topple so look for designs that are bottom-heavy. As you can see from Gillespie’s adroit picks, sturdy construction and solid materials keep these drink tables upright. And, their convenient size means they have the ability to move around a room with ease.

7005 Tri-Dot Drink Table Polished Stainless Steel Finish Side
  1. The Threefer

Great between two chairs, this Tri-Dot Drink Table offers three surfaces  for sharing. Available in polished stainless steel or brushed brass. MSRP $395

  1. Industrial Classic

This Ames Drink Table is thick hand-polished art glass in a heavily seeded cloud of white, suspended by an industrial-inspired iron base with tapered legs terminating in a ball foot. MSRP $423

  1. Man’s Best Friend

The Greyhound, polished and poised. Antique Brass finish on a gray base with a thick glass top, perfect for conversation. MSRP $800 available through trade

  1. The Sophisticate

Topped with solid marble, this brass finished table is perfect to perch a drink and the slender silhouette is ideal for small spaces. MSRP $129

  1. Deco Delight

Who wouldn’t love this white marble top and gilded iron finish drink table? At 20.5” high, it is perfect as a chairside table. Straight lines and sophisticated finish are in keeping with an updated, modern accessory table. MSRP $425

Items available through Hennessee Haven, Interior Design and Gift Boutique