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Simplicity in form and function  are blazing a trail for beautifully made gardening accoutrements. From plant markers to hand rakes, let’s use what the pros use.  Top manufacturers also offer  equipment made specifically for  the home gardener, allowing  your time in the yard to be more enjoyable than ever before.

Terrain has taken a lead  in sourcing a multitude of quality items for sale in the US market but many can be purchased directly from the maker, with a bit of digging around on the web. The trend is old world craftsmanship married with the value that functionality brings  in tow; agrarian has never looked quite so luxe.

Our picks will stand the test  of time and look good sitting out  and about. Classic style never ages and a beautiful yard is the face of your homestead.

  1. Oak Leaf Garden Gloves

Velcro straps are the star of these  durable leather and cotton print  gloves. Offered in two smart sizes.  to buy: $36, shopterrain.com

  1. Plant markers

Handmade in Great Britain and  markable with a pen, these markers  are a tradition in English gardens.  to buy: Set of 10, $18, alitags.com

  1. Oak Travel Nail Brush

Tampico fibers make this double-sided  nail brush produced by Iris Hantverk  in Sweden an ideal implement for  cleaning up after a day in the garden.  to buy: $16, shopterrain.com

  1. Maple Garden Carry-all

Crafted from white pine, maple and  metal mesh, these baskets are an  heirloom carry-all. Offered in two sizes.  to buy: $58, $68, shopterrain.com

  1. Tiger Bloom

Described as a viscous bloomer,  this phosphorus based fertilizer is a favorite for flower production. It’s low ph helps  keep it shelf stable for longer than most.  to buy: $23-33 foxfarms.com and available  at most garden centers.

  1. Garden Seat

The poly-canvas seat built with a sturdy steel frame makes a handy yard companion. Use the five provided hand tools, including a handy cultivator, or employ their slots for your own favorites. to buy: $76 food52.com

  1. Niwaki Mini Snips

Handmade in Japan from carbon steel  and a durable spring, these snips are  not only professional-grade but ideal for  light pruning. to buy: $78, shopterrain.com

  1. Sneeboer Hand Garden Rake

Finished with an ash handle, the  Sneeboer five-tine hand rake is an ideal  tool for use between plants. Hand-forged from stainless steel, it carries a lifetime guarantee. to buy: $59, sneeboerusa.com

  1. Bergs Dotted Saucer

Made from Italian Galestro clay,  the Bergs Collection embraces exquisite Scandinavian design. The saucers are  footed and treated with a bit of silicone.  to buy: $6 and $10, bergspotter.com

  1. Landscaper’s Shovel

American-made from high grade alloy  steel, this landscapers shovel is strong  and fights corrosion. The footpad is extra useful and the 12” blade is pretty ideal.  to buy: $98, shopterrain.com